Policy Pathways seeks to educate young adults about policy—who makes it, who shapes it, and how it affects stakeholders. Our goal is to open the door for our students to become policy leaders, whether in public, nonprofit, or private organizations, whether locally or nationally.

Gifted, talented, and high-potential students bring diverse backgrounds and experiences to their education. We help them draw on those backgrounds and experiences, as well as on their abilities, to make policy—today as students, tomorrow as planners and advocates.

Policy Pathways is an incubator, finding and developing young people who want to know how plans and goals turn into policy, how policy works in reality as well as in theory, and how public policies change, shape, help or harm neighborhoods, communities, cities, states, nations, and even the world.

Top-notch scholars and distinguished policymakers will help students examine real-world policy decisions.

In-class discussions and debates will give students the skills to analyze policies, to consider the needs of groups and communities, to advocate effectively, to propose alternative solutions, and to achieve compromises that satisfy all.

Students will read and write about policy, studying how plans unfold, how (or if) policies work, what changes policies make, and how those changes look over time.

Students will learn to use evidence–facts, statistics, research, history–to support their positions, and they will learn to be flexible and inventive in their approach.

Through our college-prep programs, the Summer Academy for Policy Leadership and Public Service, and internships, Policy Pathways offers not only information and skills but intensive exposure to policy’s challenges and achievements.

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