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Policy Pathways, Inc. is a non-partisan 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt non-profit organization.  Policy Pathways is committed to providing educational programming and developmental activities for youth and young adults who are interested in policy-related studies, public administration, and public service leadership.

The mission of Policy Pathways is to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities of individuals that desire to excel in policy studies and public administration degree programs and those who seek leadership positions in the public and private sectors. It is through the provision of The Summer Academy for Policy Leadership and Public Service, courses, conferences, workshops, and other academically-oriented programming that Policy Pathways will train and develop high-achieving and high-potential students.

Our vision is a society with representative diversity among high-level policy decision-makers and enhanced empowerment among disenfranchised populations and communities.


Dr. D. Pulane Lucas had recognized the need for policy studies to be taught to youth in communities of color more than twenty years ago. She had witnessed gifted, talented, and high-potential youth and young adults grappling with the complex policy issues that were affecting their communities and wanted to establish an organization charged with developing future policy leaders. Dr. Lucas presented her vision to three faculty colleagues. Policy Pathways, Inc. was founded in April 2019. Its founding members are Dr. D. Pulane Lucas, Dr. Delta R. Bowers, Prof. Beverly B. Davis, and Dr. Cynthia R. Mayo.

Our Board of Directors has expanded to include a group of dynamic educators, policy leaders, philanthropists, elected officials, and business leaders who are committed to the mission and vision of Policy Pathways. Our goals are to (1) play a vital role along a continuum of educational and social support for an underserved segment of the high school and college population; and (2) address the underrepresentation of individuals from historically-marginalized populations in gifted education and public policy, public affairs, and public administration degree programs and public service leadership positions (Sabharwal and Geva-May, 2013; Garces, 2014; Naylor et al., 2015).

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