What is policy? Policy is the ideas behind local, regional, and national laws and regulations. Policy affects everything from parking zones to building codes, from real-estate development to education, from law enforcement to healthcare.

Too often, in the past, policymakers weren't members of the communities that their plans affected. Policy segregated cities, for example, policy sent highways right through neighborhoods. But today is a new day, and today you can make the future. Policy Pathways will teach you all about policy—how to evaluate it, how to make it, how to represent your community, and how to transfer the planning process to include everyone.

Policy Pathways Students Lead the Way
Policy Pathways starts by showing you how policy decisions affect your life; this is your first step to becoming a leader. You'll work with real-work information and real-world examples, advocating for and examining the impact of public policies, good and bad, on communities like yours. In class and out, you'll meet new friends and share great experiences, broadening your horizons and deepening your understanding.

The Policy Pathways experience will increase your knowledge and improve your chances of success in college. More important, it will start you toward the education you'll need to be a policymaker yourself.