The Summer Academy for Policy Leadership and Public Service (the Summer Academy), a residential and commuter program for gifted, talented, and high-potential high school and college students, will hold its inaugural session Sunday, June 28–Saturday, July 11, 2020, on the campus of Virginia Union University. The Summer Academy’s purpose is to bolster diversity and to help its graduates enter the academic pipelines for policy-related programs in Richmond and beyond. Rising high school sophomores, juniors and seniors, recent high school graduates, and college students admitted to the Summer Academy will take part in an engaging and challenging educational program, including hands-on experience. Their learning, focused on real-world policy issues and challenges, will offer them opportunities to research, design, and conduct significant policy-related projects.

The Summer Academy will combine fun with intensive learning. Each rigorous but rewarding two-week session will offer public-policy coursework. Top professors, policy experts, and leading decision-makers will introduce program participants to policy formation and analysis, economics, public administration, research methods, and statistics, as well as critical thinking, advocacy, and effective, readable writing. (Course contact hours will exceed those in a standard 16-week (3 credit- hour) semester course.)


Policy Pathways will offer our alumni professional opportunities as interns and analysts.

Policy Pathways Internship Program

Graduates can take advantage of full- and part-time internships with elected and appointed government officials or community policy leaders and decision-makers. Interns will provide research and administrative and support in such areas as legislative research and drafting, data analysis, and government and community relations. Interns may assist in developing of issue papers, talking points, presentations, and quantitative analyses, as they also gain firsthand insight into legislative and political affairs.

Policy Pathways Consulting Group (PPCG)

The Policy Pathways Consulting Group (PPCG) will partner with elected and appointed officials, government entities, legislative bodies, businesses, nonprofits, and public institutions to address complex research and policy problems. PPCG will meet the needs of clients responding to critical legislative issues and policy reforms and will help meet political challenges and find opportunities in communities and society. These consultants will offer clients cost-effective solutions while building their own skills and experience in order to become future policy leaders and decision-makers. Policy Pathways Consulting Group will provide clients with the information, the facts, the numbers, and the stakeholder input that make decisions fair and effective and improve policymaking.


Our College Preparatory Program in Policy Leadership and Public Service offers school districts in the Commonwealth of Virginia, a policy-focused high school curriculum that is aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning Assessments. Please contact Policy Pathways for more information.

Policy Pathways, Inc., does not discriminate on the basis of gender, marital status, pregnancy, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, or other legally protected characteristics in any program, activity, admission, or employment.