Professional Development and Consulting


Policy Pathways Internship Program

Policy Pathways offers its graduates full- and part-time internship opportunities working with elected and appointed governmental officials and other policy leaders and decision-makers. Interns will provide administrative and research support to government officials across a broad range of areas, including legislative support, research, data analysis, and government and community relations. Interns may assist in the development of issue papers, talking points, presentations, quantitative analyses, and gain first-hand insight into political campaigns.

Policy Pathways Consulting Group (PPCG)

Policy Pathways Consulting Group (PPCG) is a youth development consulting group of Policy Pathways, Inc. PPCG conducts research for and advises individuals, legislative bodies, governmental entities, nonprofit organizations, and private corporations on legislative initiatives, regulatory issues, and strategic planning and decisions using quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Qualifications for Internship Program and PPCG

Graduate of The Summer Academy for Policy Leadership and Public Service or completion of a year-round Policy Pathways high school college preparatory program.

Interest or experience in public policy, public administration and/or the legislative process.

Submit a resume and a cover letter describing your interest to become an intern utilizing the portal.

Prospective Clients

PPCG teams will advise clients across government departments, governing bodies (e.g., city councils, school boards, and boards of supervisors), nonprofit organizations, and for-profit businesses. Our goal is to provide opportunities for high school and college students to develop their skills and abilities by drawing upon their knowledge and experiences; translating new information, data, and frameworks; and applying knowledge and information to real-world actionable projects. We will offer well-researched and analyzed solutions for elected and appointed governmental bodies and public institutions and the broad spectrum of businesses and organizations affected by policy and political decisions.

PPCG Team Members

PPCG will recruit team participants that are committed to excelling academically and professionally in policy-related fields. Prospective team members must demonstrate a strong interest in or ability to perform policy and legislative research, engage in policy-focused problem-solving projects, or address regulatory or government relations issues.

PPCG applicants must have completed a two-week session of The Summer Academy for Policy Leadership and Public Service or a year-round Policy Pathways high school college preparatory program. PPCG will provide additional training, experiences, and support to ensure that PPCG offers excellent services and produces high-quality quantitative and qualitative products. Our consulting program aims to bolster the communication skills, leadership abilities, and technical expertise of team members in policy and legislative arenas and prepare PPCG team members for future success in academic degree programs and in the public and private sectors. Team members will commit to one academic year with PPCG, receive a stipend, and additional benefits for their participation in PPCG.


The Policy Pathways Consulting Group (PPCG) will partner with elected and appointed officials, government entities, legislative bodies, businesses, non-profits, and public institutions. PPCG administrative coordinators will serve as advisors to research teams. Our well-trained teams will strive to complete legislative research and policy analysis and assessment projects in an efficient and timely fashion.

PPCG teams are committed to working together and for our clients. PPCG will address complex research and policy problems to meet the needs of clients who are responding to critical legislative issues, policy reforms, and political challenges and opportunities in communities and society. PPCG will offer cost-effective solutions to clients while helping to build the skills and experiences of future policy leaders and decision-makers. We aim to increase diversity in the pipeline of prospective students interested in enrolling in degree programs or working in policy-related fields in the public and private sectors. Our goal is to provide clients with the information needed to make effective decisions and improve policymaking.

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